Chris Briggs


Donna Huddleston

You are a wonderful real estate consultant.  Your expertise helped us sell our house quickly when no one was buying!  Thank you!

Cindy Gladman

We can’t even begin to thank you for all you’ve done. Your support and compassion . . . meant so much even before we tackled the “house.” You made yourself available to us in a way that went way beyond necessary. Thank you for all your input, guidance, advice and willingness to help. Your patience and understanding as well as encouragement was so appreciated. 

Jill Cole

Thank you for all your hard work and assistance with the sale of our house.  Whether you'll admit it or not, I'm sure you had some challenges . . . at times!

S.J. Poindexter

Thank you for your kindness and forbearance throughout the negotiations for our house.  We look forward to seeing you when we're settled in.

Todd Brown

Chris has a very high level of integrity and focus. She has a great deal of wisdom when it comes to real estate and that transfers into a wonderful, detailed and confident property transaction. I would not only recommend her services, I would urge you to use her!